Your name is ERIKA SWEET. You are an INTENSELY PECULIAR INDIVIDUAL. Your interests are of the variety that usually annoy people; these include UGLY SWEATERS, BAD MUSIC, and CUTE ANIMALS. HORRORS invade your mind at every waking moment. Notoriously indecisive and bad at everything, you are GUIDED BY FATE.

>Be guided by Fate
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Angelica summing up what having responsibilities really means.

Jesus Christ Phil get it together

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Anonymous: How do barbarians taste? ;)



Gee, I dunno! Lemme go find out!

(( Art by Mail-Order-Superhero ))

Reblogging this here because it’s still awesome and Dev is the best artist B)

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youre gonna look so godamn cool

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choosing a gender in an rpg more like do i wanna be a girl or do i wanna romance girls

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suddenly realizing you’re a furry likeimage