Your name is ERIKA SWEET. You are an INTENSELY PECULIAR INDIVIDUAL. Your interests are of the variety that usually annoy people; these include UGLY SWEATERS, BAD MUSIC, and CUTE ANIMALS. HORRORS invade your mind at every waking moment. Notoriously indecisive and bad at everything, you are GUIDED BY FATE.

>Be guided by Fate
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my white cisgendered friend called me a fucking bitch for quittting civ V too early

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ohhhhhhh cuties T v T Xfiles nostalgia is my weakness.

Dana | Fox | Tote

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my favourite set ever


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R o b i n  x  S t a r f i r e  ~

I’m okay with people reposting my stuff as long as there’s a link to the SOURCE (WHICH BTW HAS A REBLOG BUTTON AROUND THERE FOR YOU TO USE, JUST SAYIN’) or a link to me. Jesus Christ, is it really that hard.

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Anonymous: Do you have any bikini confidence tips? I'm 14 and I'm 5'3 and I weigh 135lbs. I want to go to my friends pool party and have a good time but someone told me I can't wear a bikini because I'm too fat and I'd look ugly. I don't know what to do.


Your body is perfect. That person is incredibly shallow and insecure. Happy people don’t say those types of things. Truly comfortable, confident people don’t try to police anyone else’s body. If you want to wear a bikini to the party, you should do it!! My best confidence tip is to believe in yourself, and create your own definition of beauty. If anyone insults you, just tell them that it’s okay if you don’t fit their standard of beauty, but that they have no business trying to influence yours. If you think that you’ll go and have serious anxiety about your outfit it’s okay to compromise. Confidence takes time, but don’t choose to wear more fabric just because someone was a jerk. You are beautiful. You are worthy of attention. Your body looks amazing in a bikini. You choose what you want to wear, no one else gets to tell you how to dress your body! (And don’t assume that just because people are laughing, that it means they’re laughing at you!! It’s a party, you’re there to have fun. If you are comfortable and confident people will find you stunning no matter what!)

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Skookum’s had enough of your bullshit




Skookum’s had enough of your bullshit


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Inspired by a friend

This should seriously become a children’s book